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Do you agree with the proposal that parental alienation relational problem be included in DSM-5-TR?  More than 1,000 individuals and organizations have endorsed the proposal.

If you agree with the proposal, we hope you will endorse it in the following manner …

If you agree with the proposal and wish to endorse it, contact Dr. Mandy Matthewson if you are an …

  • Individual Researcher
  • Individual Practitioner
  • Individual Child Advocate – such as an alienated parent or grandparent
  • Former Child of Parental Alienation

When you contact Dr. Matthewson, provide your name, professional degree (if any), academic affiliation (if any), and location. Contact Dr. Matthewson at ENDORSEMENTS

However, contact Dr. Jennifer Harman if you represent a …

  • Research Group
  • Practitioner Group
  • Advocacy Group
  • Professional Organization

Send Dr. Harman the name of the group or organization, its location, and its website. Also, include a very brief description of the group, such as its size and its mission. Contact Dr. Harman at